“The unexamined life is not worth living.”  --Socrates.

Julia Tindall has been called "The Teacher's Teacher" by her students AND her teachers. One of her great passions is sharing her body of knowledge with those who have dedicated their lives to expressing themselves via the Art of Teaching. Julia offers dedicated Teacher Trainings and Mentoring Programs designed to support, enlighten and encourage.

Jnana Teacher Training
Studios and Healing Centers

The world needs more Jnana Yoga teachers! Does your yoga studio offer Jnana yoga? If not, why not?


Self-inquiry is THE most important component of any traditional yoga practice! Jnana Yoga groups foster spiritual community and connection – something that people are craving in our modern-day world.


Julia offers a unique and powerful training for Jnana Yoga based on yogic tradition using her best-selling books. It is the ONLY training of its kind in the world!


This training is a transformational 3-day program that brings lasting changes and awareness to each individual. It is suitable for any student who wishes to deepen their understanding of Jnana yoga as well as for aspiring teachers. The student learns to be a presenter and get comfortable holding group space.

Also recommended for therapists and counselors, or anyone who works with people.


After the 3 day training and a practicum, students will receive a certification to teach Jnana yoga.



“20 Questions for Enlightened Living – Peace and Freedom through Jnana Yoga” by Julia Tindall and “Your Presence is Enough” by Julia Tindall.

If YOUR area needs Jnana Yoga, invite Julia to present this training at YOUR studio! Minimum 8 students required.

Mentor Program and Training

Julia is available to mentor and coach aspiring teachers. Please ask her for details.