Tantra: The Yoga of Sexual Integration

Julia Tindall’s Soul-Diving Tantra is suited for the modern-day lover. She expertly weaves traditional tantric practices with her own insights from teaching Jnana (wisdom) yoga and is known for her easy-going manner and British sense of humor and play. She is a master at helping students let go of any fears and relax into higher states of consciousness. Students leave her tantra workshops on a natural high, equipped with practices that will enhance their relationships for years to come.


Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning "to weave, to expand and to integrate". It can be seen as a weaving together of the many aspects of the self into one harmonious whole. 

Tantra relaxes the body, opens the heart and clears the mind. When this integration has taken place, we are ready for a new sexual experience in which physical pleasure becomes a delight of the heart and an ecstasy of the spirit. When practiced with a partner, tantra contributes to healthy, loving relationships and better, longer-lasting sex. 


Julia is the author of the book, "Tantra for the Modern-Day Lover", 8 Power Practices for Better Sex" She offers a Tantra Teacher Training Program for those looking to teach this amazing artform.


The weekend Tantra workshop at Sierra Hot Springs with Julia Tindall was really exceptional. It covered a lot of basics like breath, circulating energy and conscious touch, both individually and with a partner. The thing I really like about Julia and her work is that it is light and fun and not threatening, even to new people. Really warming. Thank you Julia for a fabulous weekend.

Steve, Nevada City, CA


Julia, you are so Divine and you show others the Divine in them...!! Dan and I were deeply moved by our workshop experience and cannot thank you enough... It was deeply healing and fun among other things... Dan got some profound release and insight and you held space so beautifully and completely...I feel like he can SEE me more, in ways I've so longed for!!” -Laura, Placerville, CA


"Your seminar took my breath away! Sharing so much intimacy about my sexuality has expanded my heart and already created a lot of healing." -Michelle, Carmichael, CA


"My partner and I have been playing with the techniques you taught us at the seminar and have been astounded at how much deeper and sweeter or relationship has become!" -Deanna, Fair Oaks, CA