Jnana Yoga The Yoga of Wisdom


Julia Tindall is one of the world’s leading teachers of Jnana Yoga. Her two books on the subject,     “20 Questions for Enlightened Living, Peace and Freedom through Jnana Yoga” and “Your Presence is Enough” create a template for jnana yoga practice that has been hitherto inaccessible to western seekers. 


Jnana Yoga (pronounced Nee-Ya-na) is the yoga of self-inquiry and is one of the four main branches of original yoga study. Just as hatha yoga opens and heals the physical body, jnana yoga opens and heals the mind. Jnana is a Sanskrit word meaning “wisdom”.

We use our awareness to understand our conditioned response to life, healing the psyche and eventually dropping behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve us.


The spiritual path of Jnana Yoga is the hero’s journey towards wholeness, presence and freedom. As we systematically release the layers obscuring our true self, the Divine light within us shines ever more brightly. Eventually, we can ask the ultimate question, “Who am I?”… and discover what remains when the mind is quiet and we rest in pure awareness.



Julia has led a Jnana Yoga circle in Sacramento, California on Tuesday nights since 1998. She has the gift of breaking down this complex subject into bite-sized chunks that can be mastered by the average person. This circle is open to anyone, if you live in the area or are just visiting. Please contact Julia for details.


Julia is the only teacher in the world to offer Jnana Yoga Teacher Trainings. Please check her schedule for the most up to date info.


You can find Julia's books on Jnana Yoga through her Books Page.