I'm Julia Tindall...

...and I teach Yoga and Tantra so that people can discover their true human potential.

Originally British, Julia fell in love with yoga 20 years ago and has been teaching ever since. She leads light-hearted yoga and tantra workshops around the world, including such Californian hotspots as Harbin and Esalen and teaches locally in her home town of Sacramento.


Julia is the Director of the Soul Diving Academy and a complete yogi. She teaches not only hatha yoga for the body, but also jnana yoga (self-inquiry) for the mind, tantra yoga for the heart and meditation for the soul.


Her great passion is to inspire and mentor newer teachers. She offers teacher trainings on jnana yoga and tantra


Julia has authored five books. The first three are on Jnana Yoga - “20 Questions for Enlightened Living”,  “Your Presence is Enough” and "The Practice of Presence". The fourth is her hilarious memoir, “Left at the Big White Pig”. Finally, “Tantra for the Modern day Lover.”   All are available through Amazon.com.


In her spare time, Julia can be found under a warm ocean diving with the fish, on top of a mountain taking off her hiking boots or neck deep in hot water, soaking in mineral springs.


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